A Role Play Walkthrough – Hitman Contracts : #6 Deadly Cargo

Welcome to my new series on the channel called “A Role Play Walkthrough”. In this one I will play the entire game Hitman Contracts in RP mode. Which means I will play the game in the most realistic way, to get a feeling of how 47 would really execute his contracts. This means I will not run in front of people like a mad guy like I always do in my runs and I will try to do the most realistic ways of killing the targets. Also, the missions will not necessarily be completed in Silent Assassin rating, so that’s why I cut the rating off at the end of the videos to get a full immersion of 47’s missions and so this can bring me a bit more of freedom. This is my first role play walkthrough so I assume I hadn’t really been adventurous. So probably some of the missions will look like generic let’s play but I think it’s still interesting to watch because I really wanted to give these videos a full immersion of what’s going on. I will maybe do that for another hitman game like Hitman Codename 47 or Hitman 2 Silent Assassin if this first role play series pleases you.I think I will upload one episode every 3 days or 2 ( because I already got all the videos ). Anyway I hope you will like it. Enjoy !

Inspired by Nerdstradamus’s role play playthrough on Hitman 2016 : https://youtu.be/HlrRPDKAutQ


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