How to Play For Honor in 2019 – Tutorial walkthroughs and Beginner guide

For Honor is free on PlayStation Plus for the month of February. I felt like this was the perfect time to update my How to Play For Honor guide that I did a few months back, which was during the old tutorial system. Somehow this new tutorial system is even worse but I walk through all the important stuff you need to learn from it. Below the timecodes I am going to link some great players and resources you should check out once you got a handle on the Fundamentals covered in this video.

1:39 How to Block
3:24 Attacking 101
4:08 How to Dodge and Bash attacks 101
6:14 Guardbreak fundamentals
8:32 Stamina management and Exhausted state
11:16 What do I do after the first Tutorial?
12:02 Reflex guard 101
13:36 How to fight 2v1
15:00 Revenge mode 101 (please note Revenge is not gained when playing Duels)
16:48 Zone attacks
17:50 Executions and I also start losing my mind during the edit
18:44 Counter Guardbreaking 101
20:01 When can you not Counter Guardbreak?
22:28 How to Parry
24:09 What is an Unblockable attack?
26:00 Parry follow up attacks aka Parry Punish (see link below for each characters Punish)
26:28 Feinting attacks and the difference between a Hard Feint and a Soft Feint
28:53 What do I do after the Warrior Trials
29:32 Training Arena/Menu
30:22 Selecting your “main” character and Recruiting
35:05 PvP Duel is your best friend. No other mode will help you.

Great resources that are more advanced than this video: (Check the Resource tabs)

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