Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – “Cal’s Mission” Trailer

Electronic Arts has released a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars action-adventure title Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The trailer consists entirely of in-game footage and shows some pretty sweet Jedi action. Watch it below!

After gaming giant Electronic Arts secured the lucrative deal with Disney to exclusively handle all gaming-related projects for the iconic sci-fi/fantasy Star Wars franchise, the publisher infamously failed to create a truly great game. The rebooted Battlefront games by them turned out rather mediocre and became a target from the gaming community by featuring rather unenjoyable implementation of microtransactions. Four years have passed since EA’s first attempt of a Star Wars game with 2014’s Battlefront, however, and the publisher has long improved the loot-box situation in the newest Battlefront II.

But what’s really interesting is that acclaimed developer Respawn Entertainment has been given the duty of creating the first single-player Star Wars game with Fallen Order. Following the adventures of an entirely new character with Cal Kestis, the game puts players in the role of one of the last Jedi Knights who is mercilessly being hunted by the Galactic Empire.

Respawn has already shown plenty of actual gameplay footage in the recent months, which you should check out here. Now, we get a new trailer which is admittedly regular-length but still full of great moments. From boss fights to awesome lightsaber finishing moves, it’s two minutes chock-full of Star Wars goodness.

With Respawn at the helm of Fallen Order, expectations among gamers in a worthwhile Star Wars game have risen up once again. That’s despite EA’s previous attempts failing pretty hard at satisfying them. That’s pretty understandable though, since Respawn has proven themselves as masters of outstanding single-player action campaigns. You just need to take a look at their many Call of Duty games and the recent Titanfall 2.

Star Wars JEdi: Fallen Order is set to come out November 15th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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