Zachtronics stealth-launches medicine-puzzler MOLEK-SYNTEZ | GameZone

Out of nowhere, indie darling developer Zachtronics has released a new game for PC today. Following the indie studio’s previous titles, MOLEK-SYNTEZ is a mind-bending puzzler that tasks players to create new pharmaceutics in the most efficient way possible. Oh and there’s Solitaire, too. You can purchase the game right now on Steam for just $9.99.

Fans of a demanding and unique puzzler with a regular twist that borders into real-wold coding already know very well that Zachtronics are the masterminds of the genre. With their previous brilliant games like SpaceChem or Opus Magnum, the indie developer has carved themselves a very particular niche. The studio’s puzzlers regularly ask players not only to solve puzzles but improve their solutions by constantly challenging them to become more and more efficient. After a very surprising stint into the Visual Novel genre with Eliza, they once again return to their particular area of expertise.

MOLEK-SYNTEZ is the latest in this trend that will no doubt demand a solid workout for our rusty old gray cells. This time, it’s all about solving molecular problems by creating new drugs. There’s more to it than just appending atoms next to each other. Your working tools consist of a hexagonal board that needs to be programmed to shoot out standard chemicals. These append to the existing basic chemicals already present, forming complex molecules. It’s difficult to fully describe the mechanics as they reveal themselves during gameplay and unlocks, but check out the gameplay video to get an idea of what’s in store.

As is used from Zachtronics, there are various layers to the gameplay. Solving a problem is only the first step in optimizing and climbing up the online leaderboards for the bragging rights of the best Romanian pharmacologist. Yes, the game takes place in Romania for some reason. If that doesn’t sound eccentric enough for a chemical-puzzler-simulator, there’s also a unique Solitaire inside MOLEK-SYNTEZ for when you need to take a break from challenging your mind too much.

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